Wednesday, January 14, 2009


There are many awkward moments that we have in life. So why are all of my awkward moments happening so frequently now? I was in an uncomfortable situation the other day on TRAX, when I saw someone who was definitely not expecting to see me. I tried to be as normal as possible, asked him how his classes went, what he's up to, and got one word answers in return. He didn't even smile! Soooo awkward.... I saw this person again today. Awkward.

Awkward moment number two happened when a guy called me last night. This guy got my number from someone in my ward. We talked for a while, and he finally just said "well, I don't know how many blind dates you've been on, but I've been on like a million. I've found that the best way to do it is to hang out for like 30 minutes, and if we like each other, we go from there, and if we don't, we can go our separate ways..." So I am supposed to meet him (he's not picking me up!)at a place next week to see if he approves of me. I sense another awkward situation coming while I am standing there, looking around for someone that I don't even know, wondering "so why am I doing this dating thing again??"

Awkward moments. Can't we live life without them? Apparently not!


  1. AWKWARD is my favorite word. hahahahah sorry about your awkwardness

  2. You know what I think about the blind date guy? I think he's weird. If he's already making you feel awkward, why go out anyway? I'd just call him back and say, "You know what. Never mind." And that's that. Is it really even worth 30 minutes? What's going to happen anyway? You'll be "hanging out" and then after 30 minutes, he's going to say, "ok, see you later" or "I think I like you. Let's go out another time." What a weirdo! I don't want a weirdo for a brother-in-law.

  3. I agree with Amy. If he's not interested, then let him have an "out". You'd rather go out with someone who WANTS to be with you, right? Just say no.

  4. Definitely agree with Amy too! He sounds WEIRD!!!

  5. Hi Emily
    I found your blog through Amy's. I definitely know those awkward moments, and I don't envy you! And I would have to say that Amy is right about this guy! What a weirdo! Anyway hope it is not too awkward with him!

  6. Sorry about the frequent awkward moments. That is no fun, no fun at all! Keep your head and hopes high!