Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Life, My Love, My Clorox?

An update on my life to date:

First of all, Clorox wipes are my life. I use them on the counters, sinks, and table at least 3 times a week, and sometimes on a daily basis.

Okay, on to other topics. Randy will begin driving his good ol' bus soon, but will be able to continue working part time for at least one of the many companies he has been working with for these past months. I will soon be done, finished forever, at the financial aid office. It's been a good job, but I am soo ready to be done. Then I get to work with the special ed department and help high school kids with math! I'm pretty sure that I'm just proving to myself that math really wasn't the bane of my existence. I even took a couple of tests and did really well! So I'm glad I haven't forgotten everything that I ever learned in that department. It will be nice to have our schedules match up a bit more, and be able to spend more time with each other at night.

I just finished Jane Eyre, and I LOVED IT! For those of you who haven't read it, please do. If you have a hard time getting into it, keep reading! For your own sake! I seriously could not put it down! The language is absolutely beautiful, the plot is fantastic, and I am a hopeless romantic. I also finished reading the Shadow Children series, which was also great! Very interesting read about the future government and how having more than two children is illegal. Told from the point of a third child. Very good. Any other suggestions? What do you enjoy reading most?

One last very important update- I got a fishing license! A One-Year-Fishing-License, meaning I have to go every day! Okay, not every day, but we already went once, and I plan on going again! The last time we went, we didn't have very much time, so the only thing I caught was a nice stick. My dad caught sunglasses, and my brother caught two fish. Oh, and we tried to save a bat's life, too. I saw a bat swinging in a tree on a fishing line that someone had gotten stuck up there. The hook was attached to its head, but we couldn't get close enough to try to get the hook out. We ended up cutting the line, and the bat flew away. Don't bats have rabies??

Alright, that's it for now. Clorox wipes are still amazing. Try them.