Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am in love with Yoplait. The End.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Growing Up

Yesterday I told Randy that I don't want to grow up because it's too hard. The check engine light came on in my car, I pulverized a measuring teaspoon in the garbage disposal, Randy had to get an $800 brake job on his car, and decisions about jobs are killing me. I told Randy that everything would be okay, and he said "Everything IS okay!" I thought about that a lot, and decided that he's right. These kinds of things happen to everyone all the time. We have been so blessed not to have any debt, and that we both have pretty good jobs right now so that we are able to pay for these things. I just need to remember all of my many, many blessings and be happy about life!

On a side note, David and Laura got married on May 6th! Although it was cold, it was a beautiful day and they were so in love :) I am so happy for them, and wish them the best!

Monday, May 17, 2010


I graduated in December, but I wanted to walk so that everything would feel official. I am so glad that I went to convocation! It was really fun to see some of my old friends. The speakers were great, and it was awesome to have people clap for me. I also graduated Summa Cum Laude, which was awesome, and I was so proud that I made it through college!

Thank you family for coming and supporting me! So glad to be done!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Catch Up

Randy did not get the job in Wisconsin, but did hear back from the LDS church about a contract position! We were really excited about this, because it could turn into a full time position later. I am also very happy that we will be staying closer to family. Wisconsin seemed like a really nice place, but far, far away. I am still working at the financial aid office, which is nice for now.

I am so excited to start gardening soon. My mom has a big garden with some extra room that she said that we could use. Warm weather, here we come! I am soo ready to say goodbye to the cold! Randy and I have also been married for over 6 months now, which is crazy! In some ways, time has flown by, and it seems like we were married like two months ago. I am happy to say that I am more in love with him than ever before :)

I really would like to compile a list of awesome books to read. Do you have a favorite book? If so, what is it? Please feel free to comment so my list of books to read can grow!

Let's see... I am also happy to report that I have worked out at least three times a week since February, excluding a couple of weeks ago when I was just too darn lazy. Randy and I would like to ride down the Jordan River Parkway soon, so I have to see if my old bike will still work. We also want to start jogging together outside. I love the spring/summer! It's my favorite time! I just love warmth.

Oh, and I have a new nephew!!! His name is Aiden, and he is a cutie :) I have a picture of Aiden playing his first video game, after being only a few days old. Okay, it's really Kristen playing while holding Aiden, but it was still cute.