Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One more thing...

Randy, this post is just for you!! If you need a good laugh, try watching these videos. They make me laugh hysterically every time. I dont know why... You have to watch the normal one first, and then the slow motion, which is BY FAR the best :) Enjoy!!


Slow Motion :) HAHAHA

Finals? Already?!

I cannot believe how fast this semester has flown by.  It seems like just a few weeks ago we were shoveling our sidewalks and lived in a winter wonderland... oh wait, that was just a few weeks ago :)  I am so happy that Spring is finally here!  Right now, I am wearing a skirt, and I didn't even bring a jacket to school.  What an amazing feeling!

I leave for Europe in three weeks, and it seems like there is still so much that I have to do before I leave.  We have tons of music that I need to memorize, but at least I will be able to do some of that on the plane ride over!  I have a few projects left for finals that I am working on (or should be working instead of blogging) but I got started yesterday and they won't be as bad as I originally thought.

Hopefully I will have some pictures to post soon from some family things and from Easter.  I hope everyone had a great Easter, because I sure did!  I am loving life right now!

Things I am grateful for:

1.  Warm weather and sunshine on my face
2.  Great friends and a loving family
3.  Pineapples Mmm....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

P.S. You Are Pretty

This semester, I had the opportunity to "pre-student teach" at Hillcrest Jr. High. I chose to do the boy's choir, thinking that I would learn the most from that difficult group, and yes, they are difficult :) It turned out to be such a great experience! I went for ten weeks, and got to do warm-ups with the boys, do some voice testing (you know, because their voices are definitely unpredictable at this age) and even got to teach them parts of songs. What an awesome experience! They definitely weren't little angels, but they were sweet enough. Friday was my last day, and it was actually kind of sad for me. The boys found out it was my last day and got together and made me a home-made card. The front says "Thank you Mrs. Hackett" (yep, Mrs.!) with a huge, and somewhat scary looking smiley face. The boys wrote very nice things. One of them wrote "Good luck!!! P.S. You are pretty". Lol it made me laugh. They were great boys to work with! I think that I will end up teaching Middle School. There's something inside of me that says that's where I need to be. I can't wait to student teach in the fall! Teaching will be such a trying but rewarding experience. I hope that I have a boys choir just like the ones that I just left :)

Monday, April 6, 2009


Thank you to all of you who were able to come to my Senior Recital. It is such a relief to have it over! I did have a good time, although there were some technical difficulties with my voice :) 14 songs is a lot to sing, and I'm just glad that I didn't pass out. Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures up soon. In the mean time... Happy April!