Monday, March 7, 2011


So I really want to change the design of my blog, but I spent so many hours designing the current layout! I think my sister said I could copy the HTML of my blog and save it in a word document in case I ever want to use it again.

I had my glucose tolerance test this past week, and while my iron looked great, my blood sugar was down to 54, which is REALLY low. I told the nurse I haven't felt sick, so I called today to double check whether or not I should be worried. I think the reason that it was so low is that they told me not to eat anything before the appointment. So, I didn't eat anything from 9 pm the night before, and my appointment was at 8:30 the next morning. That's a long time not to eat when you're pregnant. Anyway, we'll see what they say! The baby has been kicking me CONSTANTLY, and is now starting to hurt sometimes. I know that he will just get bigger, and I will get more uncomfortable, so no need to remind me :)

Alright, for dinner this week:

Monday: Navajo Tacos
Tuesday: Chicken Casserole/Salad/Rolls
Wednesday: French Toast/Hashbrowns
Thursday: Home-made macaroni and cheese OR Crockpot Lemon Chicken... haven't decided.
Friday: Leftovers

If you have some cheap menu ideas, PLEASE let me know. If food follows the price of gas (which it will) then I need to be really careful about the menu I plan. Just so you know, this weeks menu plus food for lunches this week was only about $26.00 for the week. Let me know if you want any recipes!


  1. Oh how I miss living in Utah were you could score awesome deals on some great food! We will be eating for probably the next week and a half - 2 weeks off of about 34.00. I love to make homemade pizza and do that one a lot, also, chicken fried rice, stuffed manicotti, I just made a pretty tasty potato soup as well.

  2. Taco Soup! One of the best/easiest/cheapest everything! SO GOOD!

    Love, Jennbar