Thursday, September 30, 2010

A little of this, a little of that.

First of all, I hate adding pictures to this blog because it takes so blasted long!! So I always put off posting when it involves pictures. However, I think blogs are a little more interesting with pictures, so I suffer through it.

These first pictures are definitely random. This first one is of the perfect Breakfast-For-Dinner meal: Lil' Smokies, Amazing Potatoes, and German Apple Pancakes! My pancake was almost gone when I took the picture...

This is the German Apple Pancake. It was so good!

Randy and I are poor, and therefore come up with fun activities to do, such as roasting dough boys on the stove! If you've never made a dough boy, just buy a Pillsbury biscuit thing in the refrigerated section, roast it on the end of a large dowel, and then add pie filling and whipped cream when it's done! They're wonderfully delicious. They are supposed to be done over a camp fire, but hey, we improvised.

This next group of pictures is from a recent fishing trip at Spencer's parent's cabin at Strawberry Reservoir. Spencer, Kristen, and Aiden...

Spencer, showing off his amazing catch. The ONLY catch of the day.

Me, chilling, without my husband :( Randy couldn't come up until later in the day. I tried singing to the fish, coaxing them onto my hook, but alas. We ended up going night fishing together, but it was so miserably cold that I made him go home with me.

My dad was obsessed with trying to catch crawdads, and look, they got at least 20 in the trap they put out! They have very little meat on them, but were still pretty good. This is when they were alive... and then they were boiled. Poor things.

And that's that!

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