Friday, April 9, 2010

Randy is going on a vacation!

As most of you know, Randy has been applying for jobs like a mad man. He has seriously applied to so many places that sometimes, when he hears back from companies, he's like "when did I apply for that??" Well, at some point, he applied for a job in Wisconsin. He heard back from the company, did an initial phone interview, had to do some huge test to prove he was smart, and just heard the other day that they want him to fly to Wisconsin for an on-site interview!

I was so happy to hear that Randy has gotten this far in the interview process! Whether or not he gets the job, at least it's a moral boost. He's still waiting to hear from a couple of jobs in Utah, and is still applying to more jobs. Hopefully he will find a new job soon, because I KNOW he is so sick of applying for jobs!! So, perhaps we'll know soon whether or not we'll be heading to Wisconsin! I would love to stay here in Utah with family, but Randy really needs experience. So if Wisconsin is the right place, to Wisconsin we'll go!


  1. Go Randy! Good luck at the interview!

  2. Your blog is really cute. I wish I could figure out how to bring some class to ours like you have. And we're of the same opinion about moving. We'd like to stay here, but if there's an opportunity out there somewhere else, we're willing to go. I hope Randy finds what he needs soon!