Thursday, April 15, 2010

Allergies, Jobs, and Earthquakes... Oh My!

Weird title, right? First of all, I think I might have some seasonal allergies going on. What the heck?? I've never had them before! My head has felt crazy weird all week. My eyes have been puffy and hurt, and my sinuses hurt. I thought that I was getting headaches from too much tension or something, but nothing was helping. Randy finally suggested that it could be allergies, so I took a zyrtec (and a long nap!) and FINALLY feel a little better. My sister suggested that I get some claritin (spelling?) because it's over the counter and lasts 24 hours. I'll give it a try... How do you people with allergies deal with it?? It could just be in my head, no pun intended!

Job update. Randy will be flying out on Monday to Wisconsin. They are paying for EVERYTHING, and it seems like he will have a really good time :) I will miss him though! For those of you who hate corny/sappy/lovey dovey, don't read the rest. It will be the first time that he will be away since we've been married. Aww... and speaking of married, today is our 6 monthiversary from our wedding! I am so happy to be married to him! Okay, back to jobs... He was also randomly contacted by the LDS church TODAY for an interview TOMORROW. He has been working really hard to try to do the assignment that they gave him. It's awesome that they want to meet him in person so quickly! So, cross your fingers! Maybe we'll get to stay in Utah instead of heading out of state :)

Okay, did anyone feel that Earthquake that happened like five minutes ago?? I was sitting here at work when it felt like a herd of Elephants were running around the room. The computer screen started shaking, and the whole building moved. It was crazy! I haven't felt an earthquake since I was really little. Everyone in my office felt it, so ask them for verification of whether or not it was really an earthquake :) It was! Believe me! It brought a lot of excitement... hey, only an hour and a half left of work! Yes! Alright, I think it's time to end this post. Just remember to keep your fingers crossed for Randy, that he might get a job soon!


  1. Hmmm...I never had allergies until four months after we were married. And then, about nine months later, they went away. Strange...I'm just saying...

  2. I started getting allergies sometime after I got married too, but it was way before I was ever pregnant. They do get worse when I'm pregnant though.

    Tell Randy good luck with both interviews! (But I must admit I hope he does better at the one here in Utah!) :)

  3. lol Emile- well, I am definitely NOT experiencing allergies due to pregnancy :) It may not even be allergies at all. Just Randy's theory. Yes, I hope Randy gets a job in UItah too!