Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Awesome Husband

As many of you know, my amazing husband is a school bus driver. Last Saturday, he competed in the Bus Road-e-o, and placed second in the novice division! Wahoo! My niece, mom, and I had a lot of fun cheering on Randy along with our friend Emile, and her daughter Caroline.

Here is Randy, maneuvering the oh so dangerous off-set alley :)

This is the event he was disqualified from. He said it was the best parallel parking job that he has EVER done... until he hit the cone!

They had to back up between these cones that were really close to the bus. I have trouble backing into a parking spot. I'm pretty sure I'd be dead in this event!

But not Randy. Ta Da!

Aww.... he's so cute :) All in a day's work!

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  1. I have a picture of him with his trophy. I need to get that to you...