Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay, I really have to be better about blogging!! Randy and I had a wonderful Christmas together. Finances are still tight, so we bought a little miniature Christmas tree and decorated it. I surprised Randy by buying it because I told him we couldn't afford anything. Then I found a really great deal at Kohl's on a tree (even though it's small!) and a cute wreath for the door.

Aren't the presents pretty? Someone gave us Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon for Christmas, and we had TONS of fun wrapping the presents and making them look cute! We spent Christmas Eve with both of our families. First we ate dinner with my family. Every year we have different kind of soups. Then we went over to Randy's parents to visit with his family. Nate was here from Arizona, so it was nice to see him. Randy's oldest sister wasn't able to be here for Christmas, but she was here the week before.

On Christmas morning, Randy was soo excited to wake up! Okay, actually, I was the one who was excited :) Here is Randy, loving his Christmas presents. He looks a little funny in this picture. He either loves, or hates the blanket. I made it myself! Maybe he's confused? I mean, why would a BYU fan make a U of U blanket?

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