Sunday, September 2, 2012


(Pictures below)  This summer has been really busy and fun.  My sister and I worked hard de-junking my parent's house, which took a lot of time!  I can't believe all of the stuff that my siblings and I still had there.  It has been fun going swimming with cousins, playing outside, going for walks every day, and having more time with family out of school.  We bought a zoo pass, and I have gone to the zoo at least 8 times since buying it, so I got my money's worth!

Parker is growing and changing so much every day.  He says "Hi, Bye, Guck (truck), Aight (light)", and his very FAVORITE exclamation, "UH-OH"!  He thinks it's great to chuck his sippy at the ground and then say UH-OH!  It was funny the first few times... :)

Parker and I got to go to California at the beginning of August, and Randy joined us at the end of the week.  It was good to see my Grandpa and my Aunt Deanna.  Parker loved to chase the cats around the house.  I felt bad because he was throwing a lot of tantrums, and crying while we were there.  It wasn't until we got home that I discovered that he had four molars coming in.  Poor guy!  He was definitely happy to get home and sleep in his own bed.

We also had an impromptu trip to Disneyland.  I LOVE Disneyland, and we decided to take Parker there on our last day since the trip had been so rough.  We had so much fun!  Parker loved the rides (except the carousel) and it was great to see him smile.  Randy and I paid for my Mom to go with us, so she could take Parker home when it was time for bed and we could stay longer :)

Parker LOVES the water!  I couldn't get a great shot without some weird faces.

We went camping, and survived!

Parker's face- post camping.

He was sooo scared on this ride.  He was literally shaking every time the horse went down.

Tired.  See that Mickey with the santa hat?  Parker won't sleep or go anywhere without it.  He got it at Christmas time, and it already looks like it's five years old!

Too early to be awake in California.

It's sad to see the summer coming to an end, but at least we had fun!  And it will be nice to have cooler weather.

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