Sunday, May 20, 2012

Over-Due Picture Dump

I haven't added pictures in a really long time, so I decided to just put a bunch of pictures on here.  Finally!!  Our little guy will be ONE on Wednesday, and I can hardly believe it!

Parker's favorite thing to do at the park: eat as many wood chips as possible and save some in his mouth for later...

Just in our backyard, enjoying the sun and the lilac bush

I couldn't resist.  I miss that hair!

After the hair has been combed... So cute :)

He is such a good helper with weeding.  He plays with the tools for a while, then crawls around in the dirt.  He also hands me any plants he finds.

This was hilarious.  He LOVES the tub!  I got the camera out, and these are the faces he pulled!

Crazy Parker!

This was from Christmas when his hair just stuck up all the time.

Family picture- Christmas

I just couldn't resist!!  What a cute bum!

Randy's Birthday.  It totally looks like I'm blowing out the candles.  Randy blew out the candles, and there was smoke everywhere, and I was blowing the smoke.

Parker's new haircut. So different!

My haircut from Christmas (I never posted it before!)

And just for kicks... look at how small he used to be!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing! How big is Parker now, anyway? We miss you!

  2. Breat Pictures! So, were they all at your house? I'm still trying to get a visual on your house since I haven't really seen any pictures of that when you moved in! Parker is growing quite big! I'm glad he enjoys helping you weed! :)