Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the 4th!

May the 4th Be With You!!!

I have an awesome friend who shared that phrase with me a few years ago. She is a Star Wars fan, and every May 4th I think of her :)

Randy's birthday turned out to be a not-so-amazing day. Randy told me he felt sick at work, and that he thought he was going to throw up. I told him to go home, but he stayed at work because he only has 2 days off right now and he's saving those for the baby. Then we found out that my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and brother were all sick. I was feeling fine until dinner that night, and then I wanted to die. I ended up throwing up 3 times and stayed home from work on Tuesday. Yep, Happy Birthday Randy! Needless to say, we celebrated on Friday by going to The Garden downtown, and it was fabulous.

I am now officially 37 weeks pregnant, and I am definitely feeling it. I have been really lucky with this pregnancy because I haven't had many aches and pains, but I feel like all of the sudden the last 9 months have caught up with me. My belly feels like it's stretched to the max, and I get REALLY tired for the last 10 minutes of our walks. (We try to walk 30 minutes for our exercise). Sometimes I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. We are still getting some things ready for the baby, although emotionally I don't feel ready. It's pretty crazy to think how drastically our lives are going to change in a few weeks. Don't get me wrong, I am really excited about our baby boy, it's just that life is going to be very different.

As for dinner this week...

Monday: They fed me at school, so Randy had soup
Tuesday: Lasagna
Wednesday: Blender Pancakes
Thursday: I'm thinking sour cream chicken stuff?
Friday: Leftovers

I hope everyone else is enjoying the beginning of nice weather!!!

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  1. I have an awesome recipe for "sour cream chicken stuff" if you ever want a new one. It's super duper easy, and you can serve it over pasta, egg noodles, rice, quinoa, or anything really.
    And keep up your spirits. Less than three weeks now! And believe me, you never feel emotionally ready for such a life-changing event. But you're more ready than you think.