Thursday, April 21, 2011

Empty Wallet, Full Cupboards, Not Starving.

So I haven't blogged in a while, because honestly, I haven't really felt like it. Our menus haven't been that exciting. We have been trying to be very good with our budget this month, and this week I realized we only had $20.00 left in groceries for the last half of April. So I abandoned our original menu, and have been living off of what we had in the cupboards. Guess what? We haven't starved! I have still made Randy's lunch every morning (he hasn't gone hungry!) and we have had good meals.

Monday: Navajo Tacos
Tuesday: Teriyaki Chicken with Egg rolls
Wednesday: This good chicken stuff my mom made
Thursday: I think tonight we might be having Shepherd's Pie
Friday: Some other meal we have hidden in our cupboards :)

I am now 35 weeks, and the baby is still moving like crazy. I am starting to get kind of anxious about labor and delivery, since I have no idea what to expect except for pain. I have been doing my own research about "going natural" vs. having an epidural, and while I know there are pros and cons for both, I still don't know what will happen. I think the most important thing for me is to be informed and make the decision based on how I feel later. Both of my sisters decided that they were going to see what happened, and one of them ended up going natural, while the other decided on an epidural. And guess what?? They are both still amazing for having a baby :) So no matter what I decide, it will be nice to hold that little baby in our arms and see him for the first time!


  1. Emily- I hear ya! One sister-in-law of mine is adamant about doing it natural, my sister tried to do it naturally but because it took like 16 hours she got an epidural and loved it.... I was kind of like you, "ah, we'll see." I was induced and as soon as the pitocin started (the inducing medicine... beware! if they give you pitocin, the contractions hurt like crazy!) and I thought to myself "seriously? who could do it naturally after even just 2 hours of this?" and I got an epidural and it was heavenly. But just be ready for anything is what I say! Who knows how the baby will be, how you will be, maybe the baby will come too fast and they can't get you an epidural and you have to do it naturally! You'll be a champ however it happens. Good luck, and I hope you enjoyed my rambling! :)

  2. Emily, you have a great head on your shoulders and only you can know what will be best for you. It really is hard going into it since you don't know what can happen. I'm with Michele though, just be ready for anything. And no matter what happens, you will have a little piece of heaven in your arms after. :) I can't wait to see your little guy! I'm sure he is going to be adorable!

  3. I know you've heard me extol the virtues of natural childbirth, so I'll spare you that. (And I promise I'm not one of those obnoxious people who judges women who get epidurals.)
    I just wanted to say we had Navajo Tacos this week too. Weird that we made them within days of each without talking...even though we live less than ten feet away from each other.
    PS. Why don't we talk more?

  4. Thanks for all the great comments! I can't believe how fast time is flying. Emile- Aren't Navajo Tacos amazing??? So I was going to come over to visit the other night, but I saw that Daniel's parent's were there. Then I was going to visit the other mid-morning, and my mom came and picked me up instead. We've been running all over creation this week!

  5. Oh and you are NOT one of those obnoxious people :) I appreciate everyone's input. It has been very helpful as I've watched videos and researched things out. I made Randy watch a video with me the other day, and hopefully he won't faint in the delivery room!