Thursday, June 10, 2010

Better Late Than Never

It's been a while. I still love yoplait. This week has been awesome because Randy is done driving his bus, and my mom is out of school. Wahoo! That means I have people to be with during the day! We were busy gardening this week, and I made a TON of freezer jam with strawberries that we got from Winco. It's been a blast! Randy and I are extremely sore from the gardening projects we've been doing, and walking in the park every day. Randy also helped his parents with their garden and has worked hard removing weeds and old trees. What a trooper :)

We leave for Disneyland fairly soon, and we can't wait to get away for a while! Oh, and Randy has had two more interviews this week for other jobs. He is currently contracting with the church, but is keeping his options open for better opportunities. His new cover letter rocks, and because of this new cover letter, was contacted about two jobs on the same day :)

Pictures of jam-making to come.


  1. I'm jealous! Is it just the two of you going to Disneyland? I wanted to put a garden in so badly this year but we won't be in our house for another 2 weeks! I think that's a little late...I guess it gives me time to plan for next year!

  2. And pictures of your couches better be coming soon too! What was your reaction? I bet you were psyched.