Monday, February 15, 2010

I have a dream...

Okay, so maybe not a dream, more like a goal, but still a dream nonetheless. I have been working out almost every day for the past two weeks, and I feel GREAT! There is a challenge at the fitness center to workout as much as you can, and for every seven days you work out, you get a prize. I'm not really in it for the prize as much as I am to see how many stickers I can get for the month of February. I really want to continue to workout so faithfully, and have decided to set a goal to run a 5K. I am still in search of the perfect 5K, and would love any suggestions from those few who actually read my blog.

This dream includes feeling great, looking great, increasing my energy, and keeping me active. I used to love running in track and field, playing basketball, gymnastics, softball... what happened to those days?? Ah the bliss of childhood, where the only things we had to worry about were having fun and staying out of trouble. Well I am still going to have fun! Racquetball anyone?


  1. Emily! This is awesome! The INstitute runs a 5k every spring and it is free! I'll keep my eyes out for when it will be and I'll even run it with you!

  2. Yay! Now you're running, too! If you check, they always have the latest events posted. I like Lauren's FREE one, though. :) Love the Valentine's Day pics.