Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby Mine

Last Monday I had the opportunity to sing "Baby Mine" with three other girls in Singers at our POP concert. It was so much fun! My friend Rachel arranged the song, and gave me the solo part. I was really excited, but right before I went up to sing I got really nervous... Luckily, we all sounded great, and received many compliments from everyone there. My dad was so funny. We got in the car and he said "Emily, you have such a beautiful voice! I mean, I knew you could sing, but that was beautiful!" Thanks Dad :) It's funny because he hears me practicing at home, but usually my practicing consists of weird warm-ups, and screeching "high" notes. So I don't think my dad knew that I know how to actually sing songs. I also have my Senior Recital on April 1st- a solo recital where I will be singing many songs from my years as a voice student at the U. Hopefully I can get all of my songs learned in time!! Maybe I will figure out a way to put Baby Mine on here.

I cannot WAIT until Spring Break!! One more week until freedom!


  1. Aw, I'll have to try to go to your recital. I'm glad your dad was so kind! :) That's funny that he didn't know you could sing. You'd think he hears it all the time. Way to go!

  2. Dad was completely serious too. He told Travis and me all about it over the weekend.