Saturday, February 21, 2009


Here are some pictures! Although they're not from tonight, they're still of the University of Utah Singers!

Don't you love the "in-the-middle-of-singing" pictures? :)

This is Marianne and me at "retreat" (really, it's just a two day rehearsal).

The whole gang

I am sooo tired. We had our "Te Deum" concert tonight, and sang two German Latin songs, three Slovenian songs, and a regular Latin song. Fun fun! Hard to memorize... Singers is definitely a lot more work this semester since we are getting ready to go on tour in May. I can't wait!!! Has anyone seen the movie Taken? After I saw it, I told my friends that I wasn't so sure that I want to go to Europe anymore. But I'll be in a big group, so I'll be okay. Right??

There was a very good-looking violin player at our concert tonight. Good distraction from my aching arms that were holding the music :)


  1. those darn violin players..... i used to play the violin! woot woot!!! I was concert mistress at times.... IN JUNIOR HIGH!!!! WOOT WOOT

  2. I didn't know Natalie played the violin! That is so cool! I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. I'm still waiting to hear a Slovenian song...can't wait! You should sing it for me on Saturday morning. :) By the way, I'm watching the Tell All right now.

  3. Emily, You are so gorgeous! I miss you man! We seriously need to go to Hawaii again! My brother was just there this week and It made me all sad and depressed as he called to ask me what he should do. I want to be there again!