Sunday, May 20, 2012

Over-Due Picture Dump

I haven't added pictures in a really long time, so I decided to just put a bunch of pictures on here.  Finally!!  Our little guy will be ONE on Wednesday, and I can hardly believe it!

Parker's favorite thing to do at the park: eat as many wood chips as possible and save some in his mouth for later...

Just in our backyard, enjoying the sun and the lilac bush

I couldn't resist.  I miss that hair!

After the hair has been combed... So cute :)

He is such a good helper with weeding.  He plays with the tools for a while, then crawls around in the dirt.  He also hands me any plants he finds.

This was hilarious.  He LOVES the tub!  I got the camera out, and these are the faces he pulled!

Crazy Parker!

This was from Christmas when his hair just stuck up all the time.

Family picture- Christmas

I just couldn't resist!!  What a cute bum!

Randy's Birthday.  It totally looks like I'm blowing out the candles.  Randy blew out the candles, and there was smoke everywhere, and I was blowing the smoke.

Parker's new haircut. So different!

My haircut from Christmas (I never posted it before!)

And just for kicks... look at how small he used to be!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!