Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crazy Life

This is just a short update to let the world know that we are still alive at 6 and a half weeks! Parker is doing well, although he has gotten really fussy lately. I actually decided to stop eating most dairy last week to see if it would help him. Over the weekend, we saw a dramatic difference with Parker. He was much more calm, and we could put him to sleep much easier than we ever have before! I thought the fussy spells were over, until last night. He wouldn't sleep, and therefore, we couldn't sleep. Something was really bothering him. The hardest thing when he is upset is that he can't talk and I don't know what's wrong. I mean, I know when he needs feeding and changing, but the hard times are when he's crying and I have done everything that I can do to make him feel better... But we survived, as we always will...

I had my 6 week check up today and it went well. I can't believe that time has gone by this fast. Parker is still as cute as ever. When I have a few more minutes, I will post more pictures of our little cutie. I can't believe the rolls this little guy is getting! He is definitely eating enough :) Here's to making it 6 and a half weeks!


  1. You always learn to appreciate your mother more and other mothers as you learn how it is to take care of one baby then 2 kids and so on. I am sure you are doing wonderful with Parker he is sure lucky to have you as a mother. If you ever need a story or situation to help you really appreciate Parker let me know I am sure with my 3 kids i have plenty of times where it got a little crazy if you know what I mean.

  2. hey, so I happened on your blog through facebook and just wanted to drop a couple words. First, congrats on baby Parker! That is so exciting. My 9-month-old daughter is so much fun! But being a mom is definitely hard work!

    In response to this post: have you heard of Dr. Harvey Karp's soothing techniques? They work like a CHARM for young, fussy babies. Look him up on YouTube if you haven't already.
    Also, from what I've read, babies' fussiness peaks at around 6-8 weeks and then their little nervous systems start to mature a bit more. I also thought dairy might be the culprit for a while with my little one, but I discovered that she would have good days and fussy days regardless of what I ate (so I promptly added chocolate and milk back in!). As she's gotten older she hasn't had any problems with anything in my diet. They are definitely fussier in the early days!
    Anyway, sorry for the mom-advice-dump out of the blue, but best of luck! It just keeps getting better! And you are totally not alone on the carseat/stroller thing. He'll grow out of it :)
    Good luck!