Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I decided to delete my last post because I wrote it when I was upset. Usually not a good combination.

I am now 14 weeks along, and am feeling pretty good. I completely missed my last appointment because I could have sworn that it was November 19th, when in reality, it was November 12th. They let me come in on the 19th anyway :) I haven't been too sick, although I have lost it a few times. For the first few weeks I was really tired, then I started feeling sick for an hour or two every morning, then I got better for a month, then I felt sick again. It has been a roller coaster!

The baby should be about the size of a closed fist now, which is crazy! It's amazing how fast the baby grows and develops. I do think that I have felt the baby a couple of times, and that has been neat. Some people are positive that you can't feel the baby until later, but I am sure that I have felt the baby. It will be exciting when Randy can feel the baby too!

I cannot believe that it is already December 1st. Time flies! I am so excited for Christmas, but haven't really had the time to put up our few Christmas decorations. Hopefully we will be able to get a tree that is bigger than one foot in the next few years :)

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