Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Growing Up

Yesterday I told Randy that I don't want to grow up because it's too hard. The check engine light came on in my car, I pulverized a measuring teaspoon in the garbage disposal, Randy had to get an $800 brake job on his car, and decisions about jobs are killing me. I told Randy that everything would be okay, and he said "Everything IS okay!" I thought about that a lot, and decided that he's right. These kinds of things happen to everyone all the time. We have been so blessed not to have any debt, and that we both have pretty good jobs right now so that we are able to pay for these things. I just need to remember all of my many, many blessings and be happy about life!

On a side note, David and Laura got married on May 6th! Although it was cold, it was a beautiful day and they were so in love :) I am so happy for them, and wish them the best!


  1. Everything IS good. Expecially because we're moving in next door at the end of the month. Most likely.